In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, NBA 2K18 MyTeam is giving players the chance to get three special cards from Throwback packs.

NBA 2K18 players are used to all sorts of in-game events that celebrate holidays and special days even if they are not basketball related. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated mainly in the USA where it has been declared a federal holiday. There isn’t a fixed day for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day (or MLK Day for short).

The agreement is to celebrate it on the third Monday of January so the date varies from year to year. It takes place around the 15 of January. This year, NBA 2K18 honored the holiday and gave it a basketball twist. The Throwback MyTeam collection got an MLK Day makeover. This means that three players are available in Throwback packs for MLK Day. These players were selected based on their performance around MLK Day and the entire month of January. The criteria may be a bit stretched to fit the holiday but in the end we got some amazing new players and that’s all that matters.

These three players have the chance to spawn in Double Double Throwback packs. Hakeem Olajuwon is a retired player who had an 18 years long NBA career. He was a member of his first team for 17 years and he stayed just one year with the second team. It’s only natural for his MyTeam card to depict him as a member of his first team. This center position Houston Rockets player makes for a fantastic amethyst card. Hassan Whiteside, a 28 years old player, started his career in 2010 and he is currently part of, in real life and this collection, the Miami Heat team.

January 2016 was a great month for him. In the match against the Denver Nuggets that happened to take place on MLK Day, Whiteside scored 19 points and achieved 17 rebounds and 11 blocks. This card, just like the next one, is a diamond card. Allen Iverson got many achievements and awards throughout his career but the reason he is selected for this set is his January 15, 2002 performance in the match against the Houston Rockets. Iverson scored for his team, Philadelphia 76ers, 58 points. A Moments Challenge that requires players to score 58 points with an Iverson card (any card version not just this one) gives players a Throwback pack as a reward. In addition of the guide you need,the NBA 2K18 MT are the important products for all the players, which can help yo to buy the above great players, and then the more game win you will get, and the more game currency or other rewards you can get.


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