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The Bridge AI: Online Interview tool

For recruiters, a candidate interview is a time-consuming task. In busy times, a recruiter doing 5 to 6 hourly interviews a day is no exception. After the interview notes need to be processed and personality assessments may be used to measure candidate’s Big Five Personality scores. Days of work, that the Bridge AI digital interview can do in seconds, with as many candidates as you would like.



The Bridge AI is an online interview tool that makes use of NLP. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a process giving a computer the ability to understand human language in its spoken or written form. In recruitment, this tool can be used to streamline the recruiting process, reduce bias, improve candidate experience and much more. 


The Bridge AI digital interview can process candidate answers, analyse personality and predict behaviour during in a millisecond. A process that would take a recruiter, using a standard interview and a personality assessment, days to complete.


The Bridge AI’s world leading Natural Language and AI technology provides clients with candidate scores on five personality traits (Big Five) and 6 six global competencies (motivational drives) based on a person’s natural language. All this by asking 3, simple, open ended questions during a digital interview.



The Bridge is not only a tool allowing and easy automated digital interview and data processing, reducing the hiring time and saving money, it can also help increase diversity amongst candidates by removing subconscious bias.


Our digital assessment invites candidates to answer open questions using their natural language. There is no right or wrong answer. Over 30 years of research shows language provides true insights into personality and behaviour. Unlike traditional assessment methods, language cannot be manipulated as it is formed in our subconscious. To detect patterns of success, our platform analyses multiple layers of language such as syntax, word choice, and vocabulary. Through asking 3, simple, open ended questions we can create a candidate report that has scores on five personality traits (Big Five) and 6 six global competencies (drives). Without completing any test or assessments.


The Big Five

The Big 5 personality traits (also known as OCEAN) represent a continuum that groups individuals by specific features of their personality. The main categories are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. High scores in a particular category indicate that an individual is significantly aligned with the trait, while low scores indicate the opposite.



The Six Drives

The scores on the Six Drive make it possible to understand what is driving a person’s behaviour, whether they are driven by the need for achievement and self-actualization, domination, reward, avoidance of risk or by engaging in risk-seeking behaviour.


How does the Bridge AI digital interview work?

The Bridge AI can be used as a digital interview tool during the early stages of a recruitment process. Although it cannot completely replace a normal face-to-face interview, The Bridge AI provides you with enough information about the candidates for make a first (pre) selection of suitable candidates. Your candidate will complete the 3 open ended answers of The Bridge AI in an online application, at home or at the office. The report containing the 3 interview answers, the Big Five scores and the scores on the Six Drives will be available instantly.


How to combine a digital interview with other assessment instruments

Although the Bridge AI offers global scores on the Big Five, it cannot replace a personality test such as The Bridge Personality. This test calculates scores on 34 Big Five competencies that offer more finer grained personality features of your candidate. Therefore, The Bridge AI can be used to get a global overview of the personality of your candidates in the early stages (before the actual interview) of your recruitment process. A personality test then can be used for the candidate(s) that you have selected with the Bridge AI. This will save you time (less interviews) and money (less personality testing).


How to order:


–          The Bridge AI is available for accountholders on TestGroup’s assessment software;

–          Single use is also possible at 85 euro per candidate;

–          Only available for companies and organizations;

–          Step 1: invite your candidate to complete The Bridge AI online;

–          Step 2: you will receive the report via email;

–          Step 3: As a free service; a TestGroup consultant can guide you through the report.


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